Fresh veggies, local coffee, honey, plants & good vibes.

Coffee First

Locally roasted coffee out of Jacksboro Texas, made by our amazing and friendly baristas.

Plants and More

Check out our locally grown potted plants we have a variety so come down and see what we have.

Produce oh My

Discover fresh, local flavors shopping for food—nourishment for body and soul.

What we do

The Market at Tandy Hall offers unique shopping, events, and
immersive family experiences in a rustic setting.

The Market

The Market at Tandy Hall is a vibrant, community-focused spot, offering local produce and amazing honey and olive oil with a welcoming atmosphere, bringing neighbors together in the heart of our town.


At Tandy Hall, we take pride in offering fresh, locally-sourced produce. Our selection celebrates seasonal favorites, ensuring quality and sustainability in every bite. Discover nature’s best with us.

Coffee with Friends

At Tandy Hall, savor freshly brewed coffee while browsing the finest local produce. Our commitment to quality and community shines through every cup and every bite. 

Great Honey

Harvested from thriving bees, boasts unique floral notes. It’s a sweet testament to sustainable practices, enriching dishes and lives while supporting local ecosystems and bee populations.

The History of Tandy Hall

Under the stewardship of the Waller family, Tandy Hall  was initially named by the prominent Tandy family and is now transforming into a vibrant community marketplace, focusing on produce, coffee, local honey and a rich selection of plants. The history of Tandy Hall had a knit of Entrepreneurs. In the heart of Fort Worth, used to be the Tandy Center which was the talk of the town. While staying true to Tandy’s legacy of innovation and community connection, the Wallers are introducing a new dimension to Tandy Hall.

A cozy coffee corner will also feature in this rejuvenated space, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy a cup of coffee while they explore the market or simply relax amidst the greenery. This fresh vision for Tandy Hall honors its historic past while embracing a future centered around community, culture, and connection. We honor the entrepreneurs of the past and embrace this for our future.

Come down to the Market!

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The Market at Tandy Hall offers a delightful array of fresh produce, vibrant plants, and unique packaged goods. It’s a hub of community activity and a treasure trove for local goods.

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502 N. Main St. Jacksboro, TX 76458


(940) 351-4059

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